In Memorium | What’s scarier than dying? | Horror Movie Review

In Memorium

In Memorium Synopsis:

Before Paranormal Activity and listed on Blumhouse’s website as one of “13 Lesser-Known Found Footage Horror Films We Dare You to Watch,” In Memorium follows Dennis Wade, who after a grim diagnosis, installs cameras in a rented home with his girlfriend to film his final weeks. Until a presence is caught on tape. Roy Lee (Producer, The Ring) calls it “A very creepy film that gets under your skin.”

In Memorium Movie Trailer:

In Memorium Cast:

Erik McDowell – Dennis
Johanna Watts – Lily
Levi Powell – Frank
Mary Portser – Ms. Sporec
Doris Weldon – Rose
Directed: Amanda Gusack
Written by: Amanda Gusack

Movie Review:

This movie really didn’t have a lot of scare factor to it, but it was somewhat entertaining.

This movie starts with the main characters Dennis and Lily as they move into a new house so Dennis can live out his final days as he was just diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Dennis sets up cameras throughout his new house to record his final days in hopes of having them edited together to have a documentary of his final days. Everything seemed normal until he starts hearing weird things at night and they catch a shadowy figure on camera in one of the spare rooms. As they try to figure out who the spirit is, things start to get worse and worse for the couple that thing bring Dennis’s brother Frank into the mix.

Will Dennis actually be able to escape the house he planned on dying in? or will his plan actually still happen, just not the way he planned on it.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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The Bay | Panic Feeds on Fear | Movie Review

The Bay

The Bay Synopsis:

The residents of a seaside Maryland community become the unfortunate hosts of mutant, waterborne parasites that take control of their minds and bodies.

The Bay Movie Trailer:

The Bay Cast:

Kether Donohue as Donna Thompson
Kristen Connolly as Stephanie
Will Rogers as Alex
Stephen Kunken as Dr. Jack Abrams
Robert Treveiler as Dr. Williams
Nansi Aluka as Jaqueline
Christopher Denham as Sam
Frank Deal as Mayor John Stockman
Michael Beasley as Deputy Jimson
Jody Thompson as Deputy Paul
Andrew Stahl as Sheriff Lee Roberts
Jane McNeill as Victim #1
Directed: Barry Levinson
Screenplay: Michael Wallach
Story by: Barry Levinson and Michael Wallach

Movie Review:

I was hoping for a little bit more of a scare factor to this film, but there really wasn’t. Reading the synopsis about parasites taking people over I figured there would be a lot more chaos, but nope. More or less this movie is about people getting sick and then dying. So if you have nothing else to watch, and you have Amazon Prime, watch it. Cause its free.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


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Haunting on Gabriel Street | The Sigil | Horror Review

Synopsis Haunting on Gabriel Street:

Haunting on Gabriel StreetRockford Illinois. Local boy, Logan Lewis, is reported dead along with 41 others at a house in Los Angeles, CA. The government releases a statement blaming a undiscovered uranium mine nearby. The bodies, over-exposed to radiation, have been confiscated. The house ruined and destroyed. Shaken by her brother’s death, Devan seeks answers. She recruits her childhood friend, Nate, to come with her to California and make peace with Logan’s death. Nate, caught up in the conspiracy, brings along his friend Brandon to document it all on video. But what they find is unlike anything they ever expected, for not everyone in the house that night is dead… ‘The Sigil’ is a feature-length supernatural horror that weaves sweeping cinematic story-telling with the intense, raw feeling of first-person narrative.

Haunting on Gabriel Street Movie Trailer:

Haunting on Gabriel Street Cast:

Matthew Black – Matt
Brian Burke – Friend
Brandon Cano-Errecart – Brandon
Brittney Daylee – Brittney
Leslie Josette – Jogger
Devan Liljedahl – Devan Lewis
Macklen Makhloghi – Student
Miki Matteson – Miki
Steve McLaughlin – Cousin
Nathan Dean Snyder – Nate

Movie Review:

I had high hopes for this flick after watching the trailer, but in the end it kind of fell flat. I thought it was a found footage flick, cause that’s how it was kind of advertised, but it was kind of a hybrid of it. Half found footage and half not….

One of the things that bugged me the most was how they kept saying 42 people died in the house on Gabriel Street, but when Devan was looking at a newspaper article it showed 43 died..So what was it? 42 or 43? We may never know.

Don’t have much of a review for this movie, but I will say the ending sucked, and not in a good way.

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5


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