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It Lives Inside (2018)

It Lives Inside

From High Octane Pictures, the studio that brought you Jurassic Games and Clowntergeist, comes It Lives Inside, premiering on digital this summer.

It Lives Inside Synopsis:

A chronic sleepwalker reads from a mysterious book that foretells his impending demonic possession. He then struggles to hold his family together as the ancient evil threatens to consume everything he holds dear.

Movie Trailer:

Rett Terrell (The Jurassic Games) and Alissa Rose Ford (Army of Frankensteins) star in a Jeff Hall film, released August 7 on VOD and September 4 on DVD.

It Lives Inside Promo Stills:

Ouija Seance: The Final Game (2017)



Ouija Seance
LET’S PLAY, ONE. MORE. TIME. with Ouija Seance: The Final Game this July on VOD and DVD this August.


After finishing a semester abroad Sarah and her friends decide to celebrate over the weekend in an old villa that Sarah recently inherited. However, after playing with an old Ouija Board they found in the attic Sarah and her friends soon realize that they have summoned an evil force. What should have been a fun weekend soon becomes their worst nightmare as one by one they must face their deepest fears to fight the unimaginable evil they have awoken.

Cast & Crew:

Alan Cappelli Goetz
Katharina Sporrer
Holly Mumford

Director: Andrea Mugnaini

Ouija Séance:The Final Game Stills:

Sightings (2017) | They See You | on VOD this November | #31PostsOfHalloween

Sightings (2017)

From High Octane Pictures, the studio that brought you Clowntergeist and The Answer, comes another workout for your goosebumps, Sightings out 11/7.

Sightings 2017 Movie Poster

Sightings Synopsis:

When former Sheriff and skeptic of the paranormal, Tom Mayfield (Boo Arnold), encounters three dead bodies on his TX ranch, he must enlist the help of his conspiracy-theorist brother-in-law (Rawn Erickson II), a local surveillance expert (Dante Basco), and a renowned cryptozoologist (Stephanie Drapeau), in order to uncover who or what is behind these mysterious events.

While being pursued by the local detective (Kevin Sizemore) as a lead suspect for these deaths, Tom is forced to reconsider his preconceived ideas of what lies beyond our planet.

Ultimately, he must mend the estranged relationship with his daughter (Tahlia Morgan) and come to grips with the truth of his missing wife (Tiffany Heath), as he discovers the importance of community in survival and the belief in the unseen.

Movie Trailer:


Dante Basco – Akiro Nagi
Kevin Sizemore – Detective Brendan Pitney
Boo Arnold – Tom Mayfield
Tahlia Morgan – Hannah Mayfield
Rawn Erickson – Rickey Haggard
Jason J. Lewis – Deputy Brian LeMoine
Stephanie Drapeau – Rebecca Otis
Tiffany Heath – Lillian Haggard Mayfield

Director: Dallas Morgan Writer: Dallas Morgan

Sightings Stills: