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It Lives Inside (2018)

It Lives Inside

From High Octane Pictures, the studio that brought you Jurassic Games and Clowntergeist, comes It Lives Inside, premiering on digital this summer.

It Lives Inside Synopsis:

A chronic sleepwalker reads from a mysterious book that foretells his impending demonic possession. He then struggles to hold his family together as the ancient evil threatens to consume everything he holds dear.

Movie Trailer:

Rett Terrell (The Jurassic Games) and Alissa Rose Ford (Army of Frankensteins) star in a Jeff Hall film, released August 7 on VOD and September 4 on DVD.

It Lives Inside Promo Stills:

Man Vs. (2015) | It came from another world, It didn’t come in peace

Man Vs. (2015)

man vs. poster


A mysterious stalker plague a reality tv survivalist furring his five days alone for a new season of his show in the northern Ontario wilderness; and the figure may not be human

Cast & Crew:

Chris Diamantopoulos – Doug
Chloe Bradt – Holly Woods
Michael Cram – Bill
Kelly Fanson – Angie
Sam Kalilieh – Reporter
Alex Karzis – Duncan
Constantine Meglis – The Creature
Drew Nelson – Terry Woods
Kate Ziegler – Jo Woods

Director: Adam Massey Writer: Adam Massey (story), Thomas Michael (screenplay)

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


Mini Review (may contain spoiler):

I love watching shows like Named and Afraid so when I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I had to check it out. I wasn’t disappointed either, except maybe for the last 10 minutes of the movie. The movie up till that point was very entertaining but when they finally showed what was stalking Doug most of the movie it was a bit of a letdown. It was a very cheesy looking alien, granted it’s a better alien then I probably could ever create but all in the same it was disappointing. If it wasn’t for that I probably would have ranked it 5 out of 5. Regardless though it’s still worth a watch. So if you have NetFlix give it a try.

Man Vs. Stills:

100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012)

100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012)

100 Ghost Street:


In 2010, paranormal investigators tried to film Richard Speck’s ghost at the site of his heinous killing spree. The victims’ families have finally released the footage that documents their last days.

Cast & Crew:

Steve Bencich – Ghost (voice)
Tony Besson – Dave
Hayley Derryberry – Sarah
Chance Harlem Jr. – Earl
Mike Holley – Mike
Jennifer Robyn Jacobs – Jen
Adam LaFramboise – AdamNancy Leopardi – Ghost (voice)
David Lindmark – Driver DL
Jackie Moore – Jackie
Chris Serafin – Speck
Jim Shipley – Jim

Director: Martin Wichmann Andersen Writer: Nancy Leopardi

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


Mini Review:

This movie is pretty on par with most found footage movies you can find on Amazon Prime. And as everyone knows I am pretty much a sucker for any found footage movie. Good or bad I’ll watch it at least once.

This is your typical found footage, a bunch of young paranormal investigators going into an old abandoned building to search for the ghosts of murder victims and the murderer and they are usually filming a TV show. And that’s what they are doing in this one also. One main difference with this one is the acting is actually fairly decent, which usually it’s not.

So if you are a fan of this sub-genre you should check this one out especially if you have Amazon Prime.

100 Ghost Street Stills: