Trailer – Exorcismus

The film focuses on 15 year old Emma, a teenage girl like any other. However, things change for her when she starts to experience strange fits. When doctors can’t figure out why these events are happening, the family begins to look at alternative ideas. Before you can say “demonic possession”, dark things are afoot and Emma is fighting for her very soul.

Trailer – Hobo With a Shotgun

Like Machete, Jason Eisner’s film began life as a faux trailer for Tarantino and Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. It was a fan-made piece that won a contest and was included with some theatrical showings of the film, but not all of them — which explains why you might not have seen it.

Actor David Brunt played the hobo in the original, but for the feature Hauer stepped into the part. Don’t feel bad for Brunt, though — he’s got another role in the feature length version.