The Scariest Movie Ever Made Finally Finds an Audience


Paranormal Activity

Hoo boy, this is exciting. The movie that many a hard-hearted critic has called the most terrifying movie ever made is coming to theaters! And it’s happening in just a couple of weeks. That’s right: Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity is getting its official release on September 25. You’re not gonna want to miss it. Trust me.

A little background, for the uninitiated: Back in 2006, Peli shot his mock-doc dream project — a chronicle of the nocturnal goings-on in a haunted house occupied by one increasingly terrified couple — on a shoestring budget of $11,000, with a cast of no-name actors. In 2008, he managed to get the movie into Slamdance and Screamfest, at which point all hell broke loose… in the best possible way. Here’s a sampling of the frenzied response: “The entire auditorium was freaked out of their minds…people were actually physically shaking” (Dread Central); “Paranormal Activity managed to do something that almost no other haunted house movie in the past 25 years has managed to do: Actually be scary” (Bloody Disgusting); “It sufficiently freaked out those of us who watched [it]…. that I ended up asking a coworker to crash in my room for the night because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep alone (Cinematical); “Believe the hype!” (Ain’t It Cool). You get the idea: Hardened professionals were reduced to quivering wrecks.

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Filmmakers scare up another “Haunting”


“The Haunting in Connecticut” is moving down the coast.

Producer Gold Circle is developing “The Haunting in Georgia,” a follow-up to this spring’s surprise hit.

The supernatural thriller centered on a family that moves to a new state and experiences spooky events in their home. The new movie is expected to follow a somewhat similar path but with a different family and setting.

Ti West, who directed the recent 1980s-set horror tale “House of the Devil,” has signed on to direct “Georgia.” Peter Cornwell directed the first film.

David Coggeshall is writing the “Georgia” screenplay. He wrote the upcoming thriller “Solo.”

Lionsgate distributed “Connecticut” but has not yet announced a formal deal for “Georgia.”

The modestly budgeted “Connecticut” became one of the breakouts of a surprisingly muscular first quarter at the box office, earning $55 million domestically despite having no marquee names in its cast. It’s the 25th-most profitable film of the year.