Texas Chainsaw 3D | Movie Review

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D Synopsis:

Decades ago, residents of Newt, Texas, long suspected that the Sawyer family was responsible for the disappearances of many people. When their suspicions finally were confirmed, vigilantes torched the Sawyer compound and killed every member of the family — or so they thought. Much later, a young woman named Heather (Alexandra Daddario) learns that she has inherited Texas property from an unknown relative, and she is unaware of horrors that await in the mansion’s dank cellar.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Movie Trailer:


Alexandra Daddario as Heather Miller
Dan Yeager as Leatherface
Trey Songz as Ryan
Scott Eastwood as Deputy Carl Hartman
Tania Raymonde as Nikki
Shaun Sipos as Darryl
Keram Malicki-Sánchez as Kenny
Thom Barry as Sheriff Hooper
Paul Rae as Mayor Burt Hartman
Richard Riehle as Farnsworth
Bill Moseley as Drayton Sawyer
Marilyn Burns as Verna Carson
John Dugan as Grandfather Sawyer
Gunnar Hansen as Boss Sawyer
David Born as Gavin Miller
Sue Rock as Arlene Miller

Movie Review:

I caught this movie on IFC channel yesterday, and I sure am glad IFC doesn’t edit the movies they play. Nothing worse then a horror movie on cable TV. They usually manage to edit out every good part of the movie.

Must say it was a pretty good movie, the main character Heather, finds out her Grandmother willed her a house she didn’t even know she had. She finds out that she was actually adopted. So her and a bunch of her twenty-something friends head on out to Texas to see the house that was left for her. They pick up a hitchhiker along the way and bring him with them, only to leave him at the house by himself to collect and steal whatever he wants. During his looting spree he comes across the secret in the basement though….Leatherface

Not going to spoil anymore of the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I do highly recommend it. And it’s always STRANGE by the end of the movie your cheering for the bad guy.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5

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The Final Project | Horror 2016 | Movie Review

The Final Project
There are some places the living should never go

The Final Project

The Final Project Synopsis:

For six college students, it’s the ultimate graduation project: A documentary about one of the most notorious haunted sites in the Southern United States. Lafitte Plantation is a Civil War landmark with a dark past steeped in American history. All over Vacherie, Louisiana, locals whisper about the legend of Lafitte, telling terrifying stories of dead soldiers, murdered families, and restless shadows roaming its abandoned corridors. No one has occupied Lafitte in years. No one will stay after dark. No one has dared to uncover its secrets… until now.

The Final Project Movie Trailer:


Anna Davenport – Teal Haddock
Genevieve Ri’chard – Arin Jones
Jonah Girard – Leonardo Santaiti
Ky Brooks – Evan McLean
Gavin Charles – Sergio Suave
Misty Gilroy – Amber Erwin
Professor McCarley – Robert McCarley

Movie Review:

Anyone who reads my reviews, not i’m not the best writer or the fact I don’t add many details and everything is quick and to the point. With this movie I can’t even really give a quick review. This movie actually put me to sleep. I made it through about the first 15 minutes, and then slept for the rest of the movie besides about the last time minutes.

But from what I saw, it’s your typical haunted ghost movie. A bunch of teens, one of them gets possessed etc etc. So, unless you have nothing else better to do, I wouldn’t waste my time with this movie.

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5

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The Lake on Clinton Road | Horror Movie Review

The Lake on Clinton Road

The Lake on Clinton Road Synopsis:

When 6 friends from Massachusetts finish up classes for the semester, they decide to take a road trip to the Jersey Shore. A birthday celebration at a shore house will be the highlight of their summer, or so they thought. When they get to the house, they realize it’s not the beach house they were expecting. It’s actually in the middle of the woods off a long spooky road, Clinton Road. Clinton Road has been haunted for over 50 years. Hauntings like KKK members practicing demonic worships. Images of horrifying creatures and wrapped up bodies cover the sides of the road. There’s even a ghost driving a car with flashing lights that will chase you when the sun goes down. The bridge by Dead Mans Curve where so many accidents have occurred like when a little boy, Jackson White was thrown off the bridge then drowned in the lake. He has haunted the lake ever since. These are all facts that Alex, Jillian, Mark, Stacy, Jaime, and Amber know nothing about but will soon find out.

The Lake on Clinton Road Movie Trailer:


Leah Jones
Richard Ryker
Anthony Grant
Staphanie Marrone
India Kiara Autry
Matty Poslusny

Movie Review:

This movie wasn’t to much on the original side of the story, and a little boring to be honest with. I am slightly familiar with Clinton Road, and there was a lot of things they could have went off of with the source material, but they didn’t come close.

Typical ghost story of a bunch of twenty-somethings going on a weekend trip off sex and booze. And one of them getting possessed, sounds like a dozen other movies I have saw in the past. It’s not the worst movie I ever saw, but it also is not one of the best. If you have absolutely nothing else to watch, it’s worth the time I guess.

The thing that I think annoyed me the most with this movie, is the character that kept referring to himself as the fat guy or the chubby. To be honest I do not even remember the name of the character, or any of them as a matter of fact and I watched the movie two nights ago.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5

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