Blood Harvest (2017) | The Harvest Is Coming… | #31PostsOfHalloween

Blood Harvest (2017)

Blood Harvest

The award-winning Blood Harvest, out of Northern Ireland, premieres on Digital 11/21 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Blood Harvest Synopsis:

A rural village is terrorized by an evil force that drains the blood from its victims. A discredited police detective, who believes the killings are the work of vampires, must team up with his former partner to uncover the truth.

Movie Trailer:


Alan Crawford – Killer
Rachael Galloway – Julie
Griffin Madill – Ward
Matthew McCreary – Matt
Robert Render – Jack
Liam Rowan – Killer Boy
Rachael Stewart – Julie
Jean-Paul Van der Velde – Hatcher

Director: George Clarke Writer: George Clarke

Blood Harvest Stills:

Antihuman (2017) | EVIL FINDS THE PERFECT HOME THIS OCTOBER | #31PostsOfHalloween

Antihuman (2017)


Antihuman, a spellbinding sci-fi horror film that knits Orphan Black with the Resident Evil franchise, premieres on VOD this October from Wild Eye Releasing.

Antihuman Synopsis:

A young woman returns to the secluded, abandoned psychological research facility where her deceased mother once worked. Accompanied by three friends, she discovers that the ghosts of the past have found their way to the present when the hospital’s legacy of experimentation and madness tears away all known bounds of time, memory and space.

Movie Trailer:


Anya Korzun – Maggie
Danielle Arden – Peggy
Andrew Jardine – Walker
Katie Keight – Avery
Kathryn Goldsmith – Catarina

Director: Luke Gietzen, Mark Robins Writer: Mark Robins

Antihuman Stills:

Demon Hunter (2017) | The war for your soul begins August 15

Demon Hunter (2017)

From Wild Eye Releasing comes Demon Hunter, writer-director Zoe Kavanagh’s “genre hugging” (The Irish Times) horror-actioner, available on VOD August 15.

Underwood meets Buffy in a frenetic slice n’ dice that’s taken home more than 15 awards, including Best Director at the Fright Fest International Film Festival..

Demon Hunter (2017)

Demon Hunter Synopsis:

After she is captured by police for questioning in the slaying of a man she claimed was a demon, Taryn Barker must prove her innocence, and the existence of demons. But when a cult captures the daughter of one of the detectives on the case, the police must trust, and unleash, this warrior on the Satantic group who are intent on bringing an ancient evil force into the world. e.

Movie Trailer:


Niamh Hogan – Taryn
Alan Talbot – Beckett
Sarah Tapes Jenkinson – Kudrow
Kevin O’Malley – Ethan
Nic Furlong – Barnes
Michael Parle – Falstaff
Aisli Moran – Annabelle
Saorla Wright – Jess
Lauren Emma Bartlett – Cheryl

Director: Zoe Kavanagh Writer: Tony Flynn, Zoe Kavanagh

Demon Hunter Stills: