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    One Inc Night Club

    One Inc is a nightclub located at 115 Clinton Ave. in downtown Huntsville. In the late 1960’s, the building was occupied by a large furniture store. Mary, an employee of the furniture store, was on the third floor late one night, busy working on a sales report. When she finished, she stepped into the elevator to go down to the first floor… Unfortunately for Mary, the elevator car wasn’t there, it was on the fourth floor and she fell down the elevator shaft to her death. The front elevator, where Mary died, was never repaired. The elevator shaft was sealed off and hasn’t been used since.

    Recently, when the nightclub was moving in to the building, unusual events began to happen: lights would turn off and on by themselves, a mirror shattered without any explanation or cause, strange noises can be heard emanating from the now vacant third floor, and mysterious cold spots have been reportedly felt in the basement where Mary’s body was found. The club’s lighting technician claims to have heard a female voice call his name, yet he was the only person in the building at the time. Supposedly at night, when the club is closed, everyone has left and all is quiet, you can see her standing in the third-floor window on the west side of the building.

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