Local Ghost Hunter Talk to Kids

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genthumbKids got spooked at the Bangor Library Friday. The Bangor Ghost Hunters talked to a group of children and parents Friday. They explained how they investigate different places for paranormal activity. Kids got to see all the cool ghost hunter gadgets, like electromagnetic field meters and night vision cameras.

Bangor Ghost Hunters Founder and Director Harold Murray also used magic tricks to show the kids that some paranormal activities have a logical explanation.

“I put magic into it so I leave something unexplained for them, but yet I give them another one I explained,” Murray said. “So you have an explanation for one thing and not for another.”

The Bangor Ghost Hunters will be back at the Bangor Library Saturday for a presentation geared toward adults. The group will talk about experiences they’ve had on ghost hunts and bring some of the items they’ve taken from places they’ve investigated.

Romania: Hotel to hire medium to deal with resident ghost.

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Romania: Hotel to hire medium to deal with resident ghost.
Romania: Hotel to hire medium to deal with resident ghost.
A hotel in Romania recently became a site of interest for ghost hunters after a local photographed what appears to be a female spirit standing above its lobby stairwell. The hotel, named the Decebal, is situated in the mountain spa resort of Baile Herculane.

Local, Victorian Loval aged 33 and her boyfriend snuck inside the hotel which has been closed for five years for renovations. While inside she snapped the photo, but only saw the ghost later, when she developed the film. The hotel is said to stand on an ancient Roman ruin and the ghost appears to be wearing the white robe of an ancient Roman priestess.

Some have dismissed the photo as an illusion caused by irregular stonework in the lobby however others have been in the hotel since the event and swear that they saw the ghost. One group of students fled the building in fear after being confronted by the apparent spirit. Another man called friend from inside the lobby in a panic after claiming to have seen its ghostly resident. Some have commented that she might be guarding something of ancient importance.

Now it appears that the owner of the site is worried that this non-paying resident might be bad for business when the establishment re-opens. It is being reported in the Romanian press that the hotel management is planning to bring out a medium to make contact and ask the spirit why she remains and on what conditions she might ‘check-out’.

E! orders ‘Hot Girls in Scary Places’

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Hot Girls in Scary Places
Hot Girls in Scary Places

E! has ordered new reality project that puts an all-girl spin on the paranormal investigation genre.

The show is called “Hot Girls in Scary Places” and, yes, that is the finest unscripted project name to come along in awhile. It’s a title. It’s a logline. It’s a title and a logline, with a “Snakes on a Plane”-style self-deprecating bluntness. Probably the best, if not the bestest, since Fuse’s “Pants Off, Dance Off.”

The show stars three University of Southern California cheer squad friends challenged to spend the night in a supposedly haunted abandoned hospital for a cash prize of $10,000 (which would pay for maybe half a semester at USC). To get the prize, the trio will have to complete a series of challenges.

“They’re totally scared, and totally believe experiences they’re going through,” says executive producer Gary Auerbach. “They’ll get scared and then be talking about a sorority party coming up. It’s a little bit ‘Scooby Doo’-ish.”

“Hot Girls” will premiere as a special and is tentatively scheduled to air on Friday the 13th next month month (yes, March has one too). The project from Go Go Luckey (A&E’s “Paranormal State” and Animal Planet’s “Jockeys”) and it’s considered a special/backdoor pilot.

Scary Places
Scary Places