Soap stars to appear on Ghost Whisperer


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The Bold and The Beautiful’s Lesli Kay
The Bold and The Beautiful’s Lesli Kay

Talk about life imitating art. Three soap opera actors will be playing, well, soap opera actors on an upcoming episode of Ghost Whisperer. The Young and the Restless’s Thad Luckinbill (J.T.), Amelia Heinle (Victoria) and The Bold and The Beautiful’s Lesli Kay (Felicia) will be making an appearance on the April 24th episode.

The fictional soap, called Hope’s Edge, will be shooting scenes in Melinda’s antique store and become haunted by a former Hope actor that died under mysterious circumstances.

Ghost Whisperer airs Friday’s at 8pm on CBS.

E! orders new paranormal show with a twist


Listen: E! orders new paranormal show with a twist

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. E! Television has ordered a new reality television pilot that is similar to Sci Fi’s Ghost Hunters in its premise with one notable difference: all the investigators are hot girls.

The fanbase for this show can be split into two groups: those that love hot women and those that hate hot women. The lovers will watch it for the eye candy and the haters will watch to see the eye candy humiliate themselves on camera (which is the purpose of 99% of the reality shows on television anyway).

This sounds like a movie by Adam Sandler’s production company. It’s The House Bunny meets Ghostbusters. Granted, the women are simply competing for a $10,000 prize and not doing any actual investigation. This is such a humorous premise that I would expect it to end with a Blair Witch parody by having one of the women standing in the corner while the camera falls down.