Devil’s Trail (2017) | It’s real.

Devil’s Trail (2017)

Devil's Trail


Two reality TV stars are experts at survival, but when they decide to embark upon the legendary home of the Jersey Devil can they survive? Reality TV just got real.

Cast & Crew:

Henrique Couto – Hank
Joni Durian – Witch 1
John Bradley Hambrick – Dallas
Rachael Redolfi – Witch 3
Erin R. Ryan – Witch 2

Director: Henrique Couto Writers: Jeremy Biltz

Mini Review:

When I noticed most of the people involved with Alone in the Ghost House were also involved with this movie I just had to check it out because I rather enjoyed that movie except for the ending. This movie was kind of like an episode of Naked and Afraid without the naked part (except for the three witches, but they were blurred out so it didn’t count) and a paranormal aspect was thrown in.

Kind of like the Ghost House movie I really enjoyed the whole thing but the ending. It seems like a lot of movies anymore are really good but the ending ruins it. Well, maybe not ruins it but brings it down somewhat. It’s almost like they get lazy towards the end of a movie and don’t know how to properly tie things up. Regardless of the ending though you should check out the movie, it’s worth it.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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Keep Watching (2017) | We’re Watching You

Keep Watching (2017)

Keep Watching


A family become imprisoned in their home by intruders, who force them to play a life-and-death game, where the mysterious rules become clear as the night unfolds.

Cast & Crew:

Bella Thorne – Jamie
Chandler Riggs – John Mitchell
Ioan Gruffudd – Carl Mitchell
Natalie Martinez – Nicole
Jared Abrahamson – Josh
Matthew Willig – Terror
Leigh Whannell – Mysterious Guest
Christopher James Baker – Creator
April McCullough – Betty Mitchell

Director: Sean Carter Writers: Joseph Dembner

Mini Review:

Been waiting awhile to watch this one and I finally did. Must say I was slightly disappointed with it. Not saying it was a bad movie, it just wasn’t very good and the ending kind of ruined it for me. I think Chandler Riggs is a fine actor but in this movie, he was a little bland but I also think he didn’t have a lot to work with.

I know my reviews are usually super short but this one is really short because I really dont feel like writing anything. This was a great movie and it wasnt horrible, so watch it if you want to.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


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