Prankz (2017) | Six prank videos, one terrifying movie | #31PostsOfHalloween

Prankz (2017)


Prankz Synopsis:

A soccer player and his girlfriend spent 2017 uploading prank videos to the internet. This film features the final six videos created by the couple.

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Andy Martin
Betsy-Blue English
Charlie Bentley
Chris Smith
Claire Novell-Amy

Mini Movie Review:

Most movies you find on Amazon are so-so but this one was actually pretty entertaining. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is that halfway through there are some things that happen that kind of give the ending away. Other than that though it was a great film.

The movie starts off with a boyfriend and girlfriend pranking each other with the help of the boyfriend’s friend. But after the realize they may have gone too far with the pranks the decide to do Urban Exploration videos instead.

The boyfriend though thought it would be a good idea to play one more prank, well this makes the girlfriend angry and she decides to venture off on her own during their exploration. Will they find her before the nights over? Will any of them get out of the tunnels? This is a movie that you must watch if you are looking for something good.

You can find Prankz on Amazon Prime

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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Paranormal Activity (2007) | What Happens When You Sleep? | #31PostsOfHalloween

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity Poster

Paranormal Activity Synopsis:

After a young, middle-class couple moves into a suburban ‘starter’ tract house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be somehow demonic but is certainly most active in the middle of the night. Especially when they sleep. Or try to.

Movie Trailer:


Katie Featherston – Katie
Micah Sloat – Micah
Mark Fredrichs – Psychic
Amber Armstrong – Amber
Ashley Palmer – Diane

Director: Oren Peli Writer: Oren Peli

Mini Movie Review:

I would have to say that Found Footage horror movies may just be my favorite type. Well, it’s neck and neck with slasher flicks.

I remember when this movie first came out in the theaters, I can’t remember how many times I went and saw it. There hasn’t been a good found footage film at that time since the Blair Witch Project came out in 1999.

This movie centers around two characters, Katie and Micah. They start to have strange things going on in their house so they decide to set up a video camera to see if they could capture some of the activity that goes on while they sleep. As things get worse, they decide to call in a psychic to see if he can help them with their problem. The psychic though ends up telling them they are dealing with a demon, not a ghost.

As things start to get worse for Micha and Katie, will they survive the night in their haunted house?

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5


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The Levenger Tapes (2013) | Some secrets should never be uncovered.

The Levenger Tapes (2013)

The Levenger Tapes Poster

The Levenger Tapes Synopsis:

Detectives in a remote town pore through every frame of a troubling tape to find the whereabouts of three missing college students. The chilling footage becomes more and more disturbing when the students come upon the bloody dress of an 8-year-old girl in the secluded wilderness and take it upon themselves to find her. Linking the case of the missing girl and the missing students together, the detective’s race to piece enough information together to find them alive.

Movie Trailer:


Johanna Braddy – Amanda
Lili Mirojnick – Kim
Morgan Krantz – Chase
Chris Mulkey – Stackman

Director: Mark Edwin Robinson Writer: Mark Edwin Robinson

Mini Movie Review:

This Saturday nights movie was The Levenger Tapes and it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Don’t always have the best of luck picking out my movie to watch on Saturday night. Decided to go away from Amazon Prime and see what Hulu had on it for a change. And as far as found footage movies go this one was good. A lot of the found footage movies I have found as of late have been a little cheesy.

The movie starts off with clips of a missing person report on an 8 yr old girl and then it goes to a few detective’s sitting in a room ready to review some video footage from a camcorder that was found. They were trying to found out what happened to a couple of missing teenagers. As they start watching the tapes they see three teenagers stop at a hole in the wall liquor shop and one of the main characters Chase decides to steal a bottle of booze and as he hopes in the car he tells the driver to step on it. As they are trying to flee they hit another vehicle. In the video footage, you can see in the other car, the missing 8-year-old girl sitting in the passenger seat.

So it goes from trying to figure out what happened to the teenagers to also hoping there will be more clues to the missing little girl. Will the cops find the missing teenagers? Will they see any more of the little girl in the footage? If you are looking for a movie to watch and you have Hulu this is worth the watch.

Check Out The Levenger Tapes on Hulu. ( )

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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