Mermaid’s Song | Her story begins when the fairy tale ends…

Mermaid’s Song (2015)

Mermaids Song

A fairy tale classic goes under the frightening sea this September with Mermaid’s Song, premiering on digital from Wild Eye Releasing.

Apocalypse Rising Synopsis:

A dark homage to Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid, and starring Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon, the film is set during the 1930s depression and tells of young Charlotte, who is struggling to keep the family business afloat. When gangster Randall offers to pay off the family debt – he demands some illegal changes to the business. But Charlotte, like her mother before her, is a mermaid capable of controlling humans with nothing but her voice, which creates a battle between all of those who want Charlotte’s magical powers for themselves.

Movie Trailer:


Iwan Rheon – Randall
Katelyn Mager – Charlotte
Brendan Taylor – George
Jessie Fraser – Emily
Steve Bradley – Tim
Barbara Wallace – Gertrude
Trevor Gemma – Harold
Natasha Quirke – Serena

Director: Nicholas Humphries Writer: Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (story by), Bob Woolsey

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Followers (2017) | Beware what you share!

Followers (2017)



A social media couple’s camping trip is ruined by filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill them.

Cast & Crew:

Amanda Delaney – Brooke
Justin Maina – Caleb
Sean Michael Gloria – Jake
Nishant Gogna – Nick

Director: Ryan Justice

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


Mini Review:

Another Saturday night, another found footage film. I don’t think I will ever get tired of these kinds of films and I like the fact that just about anyone can make this kind of movie.

The pick this week is the movie Followers and can be found on Amazon Prime.

This movie really does open your eyes I what you should and shouldn’t share on social media and how easy it is to actually track some one down. Kind of scary when you really think about it. I don’t really have any followers or anything so I don’t think this will be a problem I will ever have to worry about, hopefully.

This movie is about a YouTube famous couple that decide to go out of town on their one year anniversary and a couple of want to be documentary film makers Jake and Nick. They are out to prove how easy and dangerous it is to track down someone just using their social media posts. Will Nick and Jake find them? And what will they do if they do?

If you have Amazon Prime you should really check out this flick.

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