CLINGER – First Love Never Dies! | Trailer, Release Announcement & Stills


Paragon Releasing is proud to announce the release of CLINGER, in Cinemas and On Demand October 23.

CLINGER Synopsis:

When her possessive high school boyfriend dies in a gruesome accident, Fern Petersen’s life is thrown into turmoil. Things go from bad to worse when he returns as a love-sick ghost to kill her so they can be together for eternity.

Directed by Michael Steves and co-penned with Gabi Chennisi Duncombe and Bubba Fish. And stars Vincent Martella, Jennifer Laporte, Julia Aks, Lisa Wilcox and Debbie Rochon.

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Blood Moon – Cowboys vs Werewolves | Announcement | Trailer | Poster

Blood Moon - Cowboys vs Werewolves

Uncork’d Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Blood Moon, on DVD and Digital September 1. So saddle up and get ready to referee the ultimate showdown between gunslinger and lycanthropes.

Blood Moon Synopsis:

The old west howls when a town is overtaken by skinwalkers. Knowing they’ve got to combine forces if they want to survive the night, the passengers of a stagecoach unite with a heroic gunslinger and a couple of outlaws to battle the beastly enemy under the blood moon.

Furious – 1984 Cult Classic to Hit DVD for the first time July 21st

Furious Poster

The cult classic FURIOUS, released in 1984, hits DVD for the first time on July 21.

The Martial arts/sci-fi/fantasy favourite – shot for next to nothing- has been illegally copied and downloaded thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of times on the internet.

There have also been an abundance of late night cinema screenings for this amazing cult masterpiece.

By public demand, Leomark Studios are releasing the film on DVD – and the remaster looks beautiful! – this July.