March 28th the dead will rise with Peelers


Peelers Synopsis:

Former baseball player Blue Jean Douglas is closing down her small-town strip club and leaving for good. But her plans are not so easily attained when a group of coal miners show up and with them a deadly contaminant. What starts out as a last hurrah for the infamous strip club, turns into a blood bath. With time running out, Blue Jean must step up to the plate to try and put a stop to the spread of destruction before it’s too late and she loses everything she holds dear.

Movie Trailer:


Wren Walker – Blue Jean
Caz Odin Darko – Remy
Madison J. Loos – Logan
Cameron Dent – Tony
Al Dales – Chromagnum
Momona Komagata – Frankie
Kirsty Peters – Licorice / Carla
Nikki Wallin – Baby / Elaine
Victoria Gomez – Tina
Rafael Mateo – Pablo
David Torres – Mario
Edwin Perez – Jesus
Andrea Rosolia – Panuche
Manny Jacinto – Travis
Emma Docker – Aja

Directed by Sevé Schelenz and written by Lisa DeVita, available On Demand March 28 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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Haunting At The Park Hotel aka The Speak (2011)

Haunting At The Park Hotel

Haunting At The Park Hotel Synopsis:

A small TV crew make their way into the most haunted hotel in the US for the last program in their web series on the paranormal. With the help of a native-American medium, they perform a ceremony that brings forth more spirits and demons than the crew bargained for.

Haunting At The Park Hotel Movie Trailer:


Kristina Anapau – Paige Stone
Tina Casciani – Malia
Tom Sizemore – Doyle
Brett Donowho – Jackson
Michael Klinger – Luis
Steven Nelson – Shelly
Una Jo Blade – Elsa
Directed: Anthony Pierce

Movie Review:

For what seemed to be a low budget horror flick, I was rather entertained. It started out on the slow side and I think they spent way to much time on the outside of the haunted hotel.

It is however your pretty typical ghost hunters/found footage type of movie. The acting was actually pretty good, usually with some of these lower budget horror movies, the actors couldn’t act to save their lives, but this bunch did a pretty good job of getting you invested into the story line and their well being.

So if you need something to watch on a Saturday or any other night really, why not give A Haunting at The Park Hotel a try.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


Haunting At The Park Hotel Movie Stills:

Amazon Link: A Haunting at The Park Hotel

In Memorium | What’s scarier than dying? | Horror Movie Review

In Memorium

In Memorium Synopsis:

Before Paranormal Activity and listed on Blumhouse’s website as one of “13 Lesser-Known Found Footage Horror Films We Dare You to Watch,” In Memorium follows Dennis Wade, who after a grim diagnosis, installs cameras in a rented home with his girlfriend to film his final weeks. Until a presence is caught on tape. Roy Lee (Producer, The Ring) calls it “A very creepy film that gets under your skin.”

In Memorium Movie Trailer:

In Memorium Cast:

Erik McDowell – Dennis
Johanna Watts – Lily
Levi Powell – Frank
Mary Portser – Ms. Sporec
Doris Weldon – Rose
Directed: Amanda Gusack
Written by: Amanda Gusack

Movie Review:

This movie really didn’t have a lot of scare factor to it, but it was somewhat entertaining.

This movie starts with the main characters Dennis and Lily as they move into a new house so Dennis can live out his final days as he was just diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Dennis sets up cameras throughout his new house to record his final days in hopes of having them edited together to have a documentary of his final days. Everything seemed normal until he starts hearing weird things at night and they catch a shadowy figure on camera in one of the spare rooms. As they try to figure out who the spirit is, things start to get worse and worse for the couple that thing bring Dennis’s brother Frank into the mix.

Will Dennis actually be able to escape the house he planned on dying in? or will his plan actually still happen, just not the way he planned on it.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


In Memorium Movie Stills: