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Trailer – Harold’s Going Stiff

Synopsis: “Lonely pensioner, Harold Gimble, has become the first man to suffer from a new neurological disease that is slowly turning him into a zombie-like…

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Trailer – Zombified

Synopsis: “The first ever slasher film and zombie film combined!Friends Angel and Tommy have kept a deadly secret that has tormented them for 13 years….

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Trailer – Race War

Synopsis: Race War tells the story of “two black crack dealers (Baking Soda and his sidekick G.E.D. (Ghetto E’ry Day)) who notice that their profits…

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Trailer – Zombies from Outer Space

Synopsis: “Bavaria in the late fifties. One day the life of Maria, a young girl, changes when she stumbles upon the dead body of an…

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Trailer – Zombie Wars

[flv:/videos/ZombieWars.flv 610 388] Synopsis: Nobody knows exactly how it happened. Some think it was the tail of a comet that passed to close too the…

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Fan Made – World War Z – Trailer

World War Z is one of the quintessential Zombie novels that does seem quite primed for a film adaptation and, while The Walking Dead is…

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Movie Poster & Trailer – Stag Night of the Dead

Set in the grip of a global pandemic and on the eve of Dean’s wedding, a group of old school friends head off to a…

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