Unlisted Owner (2013) | There Goes The Neighborhood

Unlisted Owner (2013)

Unlisted Owner


The ‘Owner House’ has been vacant for several years because of its very dark history but with the recent series of murders, it has been taken to the next level. A family who just moved in has been murdered causing the curiosity of a group of friends to get the best of them. Deciding to break in and investigate with handheld cameras, would be the worst decision of their fun-filled night.

Cast & Crew:

Chris Ash – Chris Martin
Levi Atkins – The Owner
Chloe Benedict – Chloe Roth
Jed Brian – Jed Groves
Haidee Corona – Haidee Summers
Gavin Groves – Gavin Landers
Griffin Groves – Griffin Potts
Tanner Hoke – Tanner Lewis
Tyler Landers – Tyler Brian
Mark Nation-Ellis – Mark Roth
Amber Newlin – Amber Roth
Andrea Potts – Andrea Mills

Director: Jed Brian Writer: Jed Brian

Mini Review:

I’m a sucker for any found footage movie, it doesn’t matter if it’s highly rated or if everyone else says it sucks. Unlisted Owner is definitely one that doesn’t suck. Just like any movie though you find things you dislike about it. My issue though isn’t with the quality of the film or really the storyline. My issue is the way the friends get along. Most group of friends usually have one butthole, this one has two. I personally couldn’t be friends with people that treated me that way, and when the one character kept having his camera taken from him. I just couldn’t do it. Besides that, though it was a really good film, you could tell they probably didn’t have a very high budget, but they made it work.

So if your a fan of the Found Footage genre and have Amazon Prime you really need to check this film out, plus it’s free.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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Jessicka Rabid (2010) | There’s Something Wrong With Jessicka

Jessicka Rabid (2010)

Jessicka Rabid


A dysfunctional family, the Hoffmans, have been living their lives in a veil of secrecy. Incest, rape is a part of their everyday lives. A product of which is Jessicka. After years of nameless abuse of her family and neighbors, Jessicka has been reduced to something less than human. She’s more of a family pet than she is a true member of the family. Jessicka is the tragic character brought up by her surroundings, and suddenly finds her opportunity for revenge.

Cast & Crew:

Jason Foster – Billy
Trent Haaga – Marley Hoffman
Elske McCain – Jessicka
Cisiany Olivar – Abby Hoffman
Keith Marcellus Parham -Dick Black
Faith Preston – Denise

Director: Matthew Reel Writer: Elske McCain (story), Matthew Reel

Mini Review:

You know I am not really sure what I just watched and I am also not that sure if this movie was great or just plain terrible. I do know though Elske McCain did the best job I have ever seen of a person playing the role of a dog and portrayed the character great. A few minutes into this I did a quick internet search because I wasn’t really sure what was going on (maybe they explained it in the first few minutes, wasn’t really paying attention). Didn’t realize the character Jessicka was a mute mentally challenged person. Just assumed it was someone they were keeping held captive and using as a sex slave or something.

I did enjoy the old gritty video style they used, made me think back to some old school horror movies. But still, I’m not sure if this movie was great or terrible. If anyone else has watched this let me know what you thought of it. And if you haven’t seen it and have Amazon Prime give it a try, whats it going to hurt it’s free?

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


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The Monster Project (2017) | Do you believe in MONSTERS?

The Monster Project (2017)

The Monster Project


A recovering drug addict takes a job with a documentary crew who plans to interview three subjects who claim to be real life monsters.

Cast & Crew:

Toby Hemingway – Bryan
Justin Bruening – Devon
Murielle Zuker – Murielle
Jamal Quezaire – Jamal
Yvonne Zima – Shayla
Steven Flores – Steven / Skinwalker
Shiori Ideta – Shiori

Director: Victor Mathieu Writer: Corbin Billings

Mini Review:

This movie actually wasn’t half bad until you got to ending, that seems to be the norm with most movies anymore. The movies are pretty good and entertaining than you get to the end of the film and you are pretty much left with WTF was that. I just don’t get it, if you can keep someone interested in a movie you surely can figure out a good way to wrap everything up. Doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult but hey maybe it is, I never tried.

This movie starts off with two guys that make fake videos of monsters for their YouTube channel and then the one gets the idea to search for real monsters to put on video. They put an ad on CraigsList or some other similar website looking for real-life monsters. To their surprise, they find three of them.

They rent out an old abandoned mansion for the perfect setting for their monster interviews. Once the monsters show up with everything go as planned or will the monsters be monsters?

You can find this flick on Amazon and watch it free of charge if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


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