Spirit Camp (2009)


FRIDAY THE 13TH meets BRING IT ON! – When a street smart goth girl is forced to attend cheer camp as part of her rehabilitation from a juvenile correction facility, she clashes with the popular girls. But when members of the spirit squad start turning up dead, the girls must put aside their differences as they struggle to survive the murderous rage of a crazed psycho-killer lurking among them.

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Roxy Vandiver – Nikki
Julin – Rachel
Brandon Smith – Sheriff Todd
Megan Moser – Missy
Amy Morris – Lindsay
Jon Paul Burkhart – Brent
Kavon Rafat – Brent’s Boy Toy
Katy Rowe – Amber
Phil Leggett – Mitch
George Brock – Teddy The Butcher

Director: Kerry Beyer
Writer: Kerry Beyer

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5

My Thoughts:

This was just an all around fun movie, it had your Friday the 13th vibe but it also had it’s cheesy cheerleader movie also. Pretty standard slasher flick and somewhat predictable but it was all around enjoyable.

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