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American Horror House (2012)

American Horror House Synopsis:

It’s Halloween night. A sorority house is inundated with ghosts while the housemother goes on a killing spree.

Movie Trailer:




Alessandra Torresani – Daria
Jackie Tuttle – Colleen
Dave Davis – Lloyd
Morgan Fairchild – Miss Margot / Rosemary
Carol Jean Wells – Rosemary
Salina Duplessis – Sarah
Cameron Deane Stewart – Derek
Sarah Ellis Smith – Marylynn
Isabel Cueva – Miss Pena
Sydney Spies – Missy
Jennie Kamin – Riley
Ashton Leigh – Tish

Director: Darin Scott Writers: Anthony C. Ferrante

Mini Movie Review:

I previously saw this movie years ago but earlier today SyFy channel aired it again so I figured I would watch it. I will say for a cheesy b-rated movie it is rather entertaining. To sum the movie up it’s about a sorority house that is run by an evil spirit and it’s the night of a big Halloween party. The house mother wants to add a few more permanent residents to the house. Will anyone survive the party?

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


American Horror House Stills:

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