Horror Movies

American Horror House (2012) | Students Wanted… For Eternity.

American Horror House (2012) American Horror House Synopsis: It’s Halloween night. A sorority house is inundated with ghosts while the housemother goes on a killing spree. Movie Trailer:     Cast: Alessandra Torresani – DariaJackie Tuttle – ColleenDave Davis – LloydMorgan Fairchild – Miss Margot / RosemaryCarol Jean Wells –

Hangman’s Curse (2003) | Watch your locker. Watch your back. Watch your soul.

Hangman’s Curse (2003) Hangman’s Curse Synopsis: Bullying students are becoming deathly ill after screaming the name of a legendary ghost. What’s to blame? An exotic illness? An illicit drug? Or is it the supernatural? The clues are few and time is running out for the students of Rogers High School.

Blood Harvest (2017) | The Harvest Is Coming… | #31PostsOfHalloween

Blood Harvest (2017) The award-winning Blood Harvest, out of Northern Ireland, premieres on Digital 11/21 from Wild Eye Releasing. Blood Harvest Synopsis: A rural village is terrorized by an evil force that drains the blood from its victims. A discredited police detective, who believes the killings are the work of