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I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I Know What You Did Last Summer Synopsis:

After a nasty accident, four friends begin to drift apart. One year later Julie James gets an anonymous message and then a slicker wearing, hook-wielding killer begins to rip apart her life.

Movie Trailer:


Jennifer Love Hewitt – Julie James
Sarah Michelle Gellar – Helen Shivers
Ryan Phillippe – Barry William Cox
Freddie Prinze Jr. – Ray Bronson
Bridgette Wilson-Sampras – Elsa Shivers
Anne Heche – Melissa ‘Missy’ Egan
Johnny Galecki – Max Neurick
Muse Watson – Benjamin Willis

Director: Jim Gillespie Writer: Lois Duncan (novel), Kevin Williamson (screenplay)

Mini Movie Review:

Can you really ever go wrong with anything Kevin Williamson has his hands on? I mean after Scream I would watch anything he helps get made.

There was a whole lot of good horror movies in the 90s but this one was good. The story is about 4 teenagers that accidentally struck someone in the middle of the street and in fears they would get in trouble they dump the body in the bay. Everything is calm for a year but as the anniversary of the accident comes near each one starts to have things happen to them. Was the body the dumped in the bay actually dead? or does someone else know what they did?

You have no reason to not have seen this movie yet but if you haven’t watch it now.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5


I Know What You Did Last Summer Stills:

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