Cheerleader Autopsy (2003)


When a freak accident strikes down a bus load of nubile cheerleaders, all hopes seem lost for the Fighting Beavers of Stinkwater High, until a crazy mortician and his idiot nephew discover that one of the corpses isn’t a corpse.

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Brian D. Smith – Blain Prunus
Brian C. Smith – Clyde Prunus
Josh Latta – Norbert Wiffel
Calu Morton – Sassy Widington
Misty Kapp – Chrissie Cox
John Andrew Mitchell – Coach Pride
Waleuska Pallais – Helen Bedd
Melissa Bigler – Jane Doe
Jasmin Vaughan – Tina Braumeister
Maurice Ralston – Bus Driver
S.D. Stephens – Old Farmer

Director: Stu Dodge
Writer: Stu Dodge

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


This movie is about as B as you can get in B-Rated horror but it was still I good watch. The acting wasn’t perfect, the effects were on the interesting side but I still enjoyed it. You still have to give credit to anyone that even try’s to make a movie. Least they had the courage to. Wish I had the ability to make films even if they aren’t that great.

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