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Elves (2018)


Christmas is under siege from a horde of evil elves in Jamaal Buden’s frighteningly fun Elves, on VOD and DVD this December!

Synopsis: The Holiday Reaper, a ruthless killer that terrorized a small Texas town, has been caught. While celebrating, a group of friends find an elf inside a magical toy box. When a freak accident kills one of them, they discover a group of elves have been scattered throughout town, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. It’s a race against time to survive the elves’ wrath before Christmas ends.

Movie Trailer:

Stephanie Marie Baggett – Leah
Deanna Grace Congo – Clover
Amy Jo Guthrie – Sky
Lily Martinez – Casi
Lisa May – Taff

Director: Jamaal Burden

Author: psychosylum

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