Fantasy of Flight Begins Tours of Site’s Alleged Paranormal Happenings


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Kitschy chainsaw vagrants, crumpled tubes of fake blood, and powder-faced vampires with plastic teeth can kiss their glory days good bye. They’ve got nothing on the unexplained mysteries at Fantasy of Flight.

Those mysteries will come under scrutiny during Fantasy of Flight’s nightFlights beginning Saturday. For $75, participants will work with Apollo Paranormal Investigations (API) staff to record paranormal activity among the favorite haunts of the popular Polk County aviation museum. The museum will host the four-hour investigations, starting at 9:30 p.m. It will also be offered Feb. 13 and 27.

Kim Long is the general manager of Fantasy of Flight. She stresses that nightFlight isn’t another Halloween hoax.

The event, says Long, was borne out Fantasy of Flight’s seasoned history of unexplained noises, sightings and other paranormal episodes. In the last two years, Long tells of unplugged copier machines that printed paper, guests of the museum who have interacted with ghosts, and staff members who’ve had “haunting, eerie moments.”

“We’re not weaving together stories of lore,” said Long. “Ghost tours have a great entertainment value, but they usually employ contrivance and are meant to be pure entertainment. We’re here to promise an experience of integrity, interaction and engagement for people interested in unexplainable phenomena.”

API, headed by lead investigator Cliff Kennedy, approached Long and Fantasy of Flight founder Kermit Weeks last summer about conducting an investigation. API confirmed what Long and Weeks say they knew: Fantasy of Flight’s paranormal activity was off the charts.

“We have obtained photos, (recordings of) disembodied voices, and video evidence along with several personal experiences,” said Kennedy.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Kennedy says the eerie activity at Fantasy of Flight is “easily a 10.”

“At Fantasy of Flight … guests will be a part of an ongoing investigation that API started last summer and will continue this year,” said Kennedy. ” They will use the same equipment they see on TV, learn what techniques a paranormal investigator uses, and much more.”

Guests, says Kennedy, will assist the investigation by wielding electromagnetic field detectors, digital voice recorders, and temperature guns. The data that guests collect will be gathered by the API team and analyzed. Results will be posted to a password-protected Web site where guests who participated in the event can review the results, says Long.

While Long can’t promise that guests will see a ghost, she won’t eliminate the possibility.

“We’re not here to promise a ghost around every corner,” she said, “(but) if circumstances are ripe for it, guests may encounter something that cannot be immediately explained.”

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