Ghosts Reportedly Haunting Adele’s Fairy Tale Mansion


We recently told you about Adele’s new jaw-dropping digs – a 10 bedroom mansion in West Sussex, England – but all is not well with the singer, who now believes the home is haunted!

The British chart-topper had been living it up in her multi-million dollar mansion that rents at the pricey tag of $24,000 a month, but now she fears staying there alone due to possible paranormal activity – reportedly telling her friend that the house “gives me the creeps” after hearing one too many peculiar sounds in the night.

The security industry is getting a boost from Adele being so spooked – she’s moved her female bodyguard into the house for 24/7, monitoring at the low annual rate of £100,000. Additionally, she’s hired two new security guards to add to her task force and protect the 25-acre property. The creepy estate used to a be convent and even has a private chapel on the grounds – adding to the possible haunt factor.

“Adele was so excited to be renting such a lavish property, but it has not turned out as happily as it should have,” a source told The Sun. “She is convinced it is haunted. She knows about its religious history – and it’s a big place to be in on your own in the dead of night.”

Ghosts are rather prevalent in the entertainment industry. So much so that there’s a television show – “Celebrity Ghost Stories” – which has included appearances from Tom Arnold, Joan Rivers and ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. Not to mention last year when the mansion that housed all the “American Idol” finalists was reportedly haunted. The contestants were so freaked that they were quickly moved into a new ghost-free abode.

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