Haunting At The Park Hotel aka The Speak (2011)

Haunting At The Park Hotel Synopsis:

A small TV crew make their way into the most haunted hotel in the US for the last program in their web series on the paranormal. With the help of a native-American medium, they perform a ceremony that brings forth more spirits and demons than the crew bargained for.

Haunting At The Park Hotel Movie Trailer:


Kristina Anapau – Paige Stone
Tina Casciani – Malia
Tom Sizemore – Doyle
Brett Donowho – Jackson
Michael Klinger – Luis
Steven Nelson – Shelly
Una Jo Blade – Elsa
Directed: Anthony Pierce

Movie Review:

For what seemed to be a low budget horror flick, I was rather entertained. It started out on the slow side and I think they spent way to much time on the outside of the haunted hotel.

It is however your pretty typical ghost hunters/found footage type of movie. The acting was actually pretty good, usually with some of these lower budget horror movies, the actors couldn’t act to save their lives, but this bunch did a pretty good job of getting you invested into the story line and their well being.

So if you need something to watch on a Saturday or any other night really, why not give A Haunting at The Park Hotel a try.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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