Horror Movie Poster – Zombie Plantation

Zombie Plantation

Synopsis: “Twenty years after humanity lost the war to the undead, zombies took over the Earth. The world descended into chaos and anarchy as the few survivors succumbed to starvation, disease, the undead, or each other. But, for a small community that banded together a generation ago, the horrors of the outside world are but a distant memory. Three years have passed since a ghoul last stumbled across Stone Compound, named for its late founder, Alex Stone. Alex was bitten after he established the compound while part of a search party scavenging for supplies following the outbreak.

Against his own rule, “the bitten get shot on the spot,” he insisted on being brought back to the compound so that his son Mike, at only 9 years of age, could execute him before he turns. He expects his son to survive this cruel new world, and, to survive, he knew his son would have to make the tough decisions and hoped he would eventually lead and protect the members of Stone Compound.”

Author: psychosylum

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