Horror Movie Trailer – Ekimmu The Dead Lust

The unassuming town of Briar Creek seems to be keeping a nasty secret…On a cross country trip home a young couple, Mike and Beth make a late night stop in this little town, only to stumble across a mysterious girl lying along the dark roadside, the evil lurking inside of her waiting…planning…plotting….
When the two girls find that they are somehow psychically connected strange things begin to happen…

It’s only a matter of time before the two girls cant control the inevitable.
The following days will lead them to question everything, from their own existence to whether or not they have somehow opened a doorway to evil.
All of their answers can be found in only the darkest of places.
Where the sins of the past become the sins of the future.
Lost in a strange town, scared as hell and running low on gas…
Darkness sets in as events begin to frantically tumble into the void of…

Author: psychosylum

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