Horror Movie Trailer & Poster – Zombie A-Hole

An action packed zombie slasher flick with grindhouse attitude

Zombies exist, and a whole underworld of nasty beings is hinted at. Need a little magick (that”s magic with a k) to help you out? No problem… stop over at Voodoo Bob’s trailer and pick yourself up something nice. Shrunken heads? Hell… he’s got a whole shrunken man.

This is the story of a religious cowboy, a lost soul, a beautiful grease monkey, and a sexy nurse with no name fixing to exact bloody vengeance on the same son-of-a-bitch.

He’s a low-down, dirty, disgusting, depraved, sadistic, psychotic, hell bent, grade F, Zombie A-Hole and he ain’t gonna know what hit him!

Zombie A-Hole takes place in a world that’s a bit different from our own. A realm that teeters on the edge of sleaze and comic book stylized awesomeness.

Author: psychosylum

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