Horror Movie Trailer – Ruins

20th MAY 2012, Icelandic West Fjords. A farmer, that is gathering driftwood from the ocean, finds a package on the beach. It contains a book that happens to be the diary of Dr Malphas Corson, an expert in theology. Out of curiosity, the farmer decides to read it and discovers that the first entry is dated from the 10th of MAY 2012 upon the doctor´s departure for his 26th expedition which goal is to uncover the possible location of what was known as the Gates, later renamed Gates of Hell.

It´s a peculiar expedition for the experienced scientist since he will depart with a group of 10 tourists that signed up for a three weeks journey to the Icelandic WestFjords. During that short period of time, they will be isolated from the rest of the world. They all have their own reasons to choose such a special deal. Elín and Jón are there to try to save their marriage that is dissolving since Jón discovered that his wife had an affair.

Laura and Ósk are there to celebrate their 3 years together as a couple while Þrandur and Gísli simply want fish, drink and food. Louis is the assistant of Dr Malphas, Lilja the last member of the group signed up to try to take photos of a rare Icelandic bird. Their destination is one day sailing away from Reykjavik and, upon arrival, nobody is disappointed on the grand scenery that surrounds the comfortable camp composed of tents set up around a central house.

The first days flow in harmony and end up with a memorable party full of joy and hope. In the meantime, Dr Malphas and Louis have been successful, and the exploration of the surroundings of the gates went effortlessly and with the best of luck. On the fifth day, at the Doctor’s surprise, the two men are standing at the Gate’s entrance and their next steps could be the most important of their carriers thus unveiling a major milestone in pre-christian history. The Gates of Hell have indeed been mentioned in texts long before christianity took over Europe, their discovery would prove the existence of an immemorial fight for power that gave birth to the most powerful groups of the new world order.

The unveiling of the Gates is made on the fourth day while the rest of the group is enjoying a fishing trip in one of the nearby fjords. To the amazement of the two scientists, the place is untouched, and all proofs of authenticity are laying in front of their bewildered eyes. But everything will be torn apart : the Gates will be opened and will unleash a power that will soon creep into all the members of the group creating fear, desolation and death …

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