Horror Movie Trailer – The Crying Dead

The Crying Dead

The Crying Dead involves paranormal research in a haunted psychiatric hospital. In 2008 six filmmakers break into and search the abandoned Ettersburgh Psychiatric Hospital for signs of ghosts. Pressure from the studio demands an exciting show, and this film crew will go to any lengths and to any depths to find evidence of ghostly visits. The spirits of three young girls who were murdered in this hospital wait for them in the bowels of this derelict building. During the first night, vague apparitions became violent hauntings. Chris (Chris Hayes), Jeff (Jeff Stearns), Becka (Becka Adams), Angelina (Angelina Lyubomirova), Callie (Callie Cameron), and Andrew (Andrew Olson) will have to battle with these spirits, and each other, if they are to escape this hellish location.

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