Incision (2020)

INCISION will be available on Amazon October 27 and iTunes/Google Play/Vudu November 12, 2020.


Beauty Blogger Alexa Landry only had one fear, plastic surgery. She ultimately had to face this fear when she was kidnapped with her friends by Dr. Cunningham. A deranged plastic surgeon who is obsessed with beautifying his victims.

Movie Trailer:


Korrina Rico – Alexa Landry
Lee Kholafai – Matt Casey
Costas Mandylor – Dr. Bennett
Caylee Cowan – Becca Landry
Kev Adams – Chase
Olga Safari – Trinity Lee
Tristan Tales – Kenny Newman
James Allen Brewer – Dr. Gene Cunningham
Marik Knight – Timothy Cunningham
Olivia Day – Marcia Cunningham
Elaine Partnow – Grammy Cunningham
John Wallbank – Phillip Cunningham
Madison Bontempo – Angelica
Kyler Steven Fisher – Tyler

Director: Az
Writer: Chris Kato

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