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The Jokesters (2015)

The Jokesters


Four friends prank a Cabin in the Woods nightmare on their friend’s honeymoon so well that it actually becomes The Cabin in the Woods horror in real life.

Cast & Crew:

Nathan Reid – Nick
Gabriel Tigerman – Andrew
Luis Jose Lopez – Chris
Dante Spencer – Ethan
Jen Yeager – Gabrielle
Jodie Bentley – Shannon
Jim Dowd – Frank
Angie Simms – Alice

Director: AJ Wedding Writer: Oliver J. Defilippo, James Orlik



Mini Review:

Watched The Jokesters yesterday and I will say it was a pretty good movie, it didn’t have as much of a horror aspect to it as I thought it was going to do but all the same, it was very entertaining. Plus, you can never go wrong with a found footage movie no matter how good or how bad it is.

This movie starts out with pranks and is what a majority of the movie is comprised of which is not surprising based on the title of the flick and the fact the characters are part of The Pranksters.

With one of the members of the pranksters getting married will the be the end of the pranks? Maybe, but the other members have come up with the idea of one last major prank, but will one of the members be pushed too far?

If you are looking for a good movie to watch and you have Amazon Prime you have to check this one out, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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