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Live (2018)



A woman is abducted while live streaming on Facebook. A private detective, hired to find her, uncovers the horrors of the dark web.

Cast & Crew:

Kellie Greene – Linda Johnson
Eric Aragon – Live Streamer
Alexandria Baum – Herself
Greg Duncan – Police Officer
Kelli Dawn Hancock – Coroner
David Joseph Keller – Shawn
Giovanni Lopes – Detective Michael Ceda
Peter Lucas – Steven
Sean Sullivan McBride – Patrick Flannagan
John Rabe – Coroner
Ozzy Ramirez – Police Officer
Norman Towns – Josh Jones

Director: Michael Greene Writer: Michael Greene



Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


Mini Review:

Just not sure about this movie, it wasn’t a bad movie and I love me some found footage style movies I just think it was the whole concept of the live streaming. That’s one fad I don’t think I will ever truly get. There are some things I think that are worth a live stream but most things not. I will never understand why so many people will watch other people live stream video games. For me personally, if your not the one playing why in the world would you want to watch someone else play? Like with this movie I don’t get why someone would want to sit around and watch someone live stream themselves drinking wine or eating lunch. I get millions of people watch this type of stuff daily, I just don’t see the point.

Back to the movie though, the acting was good and the storyline was entertaining, so if you have Amazon Prime you should probably look this one up.

Live Stills:

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