The Mason Brothers in theaters this April

The Mason Brothers Synopsis:

A skilled group of brothers and bank robbers plan a bank heist for ten million dollars at a local bank in downtown Los Angeles. A normal bank job is done in just under three minutes. While at the bank the brothers encounter the most unexpected set up resulting in the death of one of the brothers. The leader and oldest of the brothers, Ren Mason, hires a bounty hunter, Jerry (Tim Park), to investigate and find out who set them up at the bank resulting in interrogations, shootouts, and betrayal. The path leads the brothers to the source behind the mayhem. The brothers consist of Ren Mason, Jesse Mason, and Orion Mason. Gage is the fourth part of the group working with the brothers. Another notable character includes “Fredrick”. An organized crime boss in LA who works alongside the brothers and a wealthy shot caller.

Movie Trailer:


Carlotta Montanari – Allena
Julien Cesario – Fredrick
Nazo Bravo – Adrian
Tim Park – Jerry
Erica Souza – Violet
Keith Sutliff – Ren Mason
Steve Bethers – Lance
Matthew Webb – Gage
Alexandria Rousset – Helen
Pelé Kizy – Cyrus
Michael Ryan Whelan – Orion Mason
Brandon Sean Pearson – Jesse Mason

Writer-director Keith Sutliff’s The Mason Brothers will get a theatrical release, beginning in Los Angeles, April 14.

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