Bad Drivers #86

Bad Drivers Mini-Compilation #86

Short description of all the bad drivers in this video:

1. This one is just showing how it seems like half the people anymore just decide to park however they want to. I mean there are lines where to park, use them.

2. This guy decided to just sit in the right turn lane until he was able to turn.

3. This truck was all over the road for awhile, you cant see it on the video but he was fiddling with his cell phone the whole time.

4. Amazing how this bus couldn’t wait a few more seconds to pull out, there were no other cars behind me.

5. This guy got into the turn lane to go into the Lee County trash drop-off and just decided to stop and get on his cell phone right in the lane.

6. Someone has to teach this old man in a work van how to park, firstly not sure how he didn’t take off my front end and then I had to pull up cause there was no way for me to get out of my car.