Bad Drivers #87

Bad Drivers Mini-Compilation #87

Here is a quick list of what is going on in each video clip:

1. Not really sure how that car go upside down, I’m guessing it came down over the hill. I will say they could of had someone directing traffic since they had a whole lane blocked.

2. There was no need for this white pickup truck to come over in the lane i’m in. Also he could have at least put his blinker on to let me know he was doing it.

3. Not really sure what was going on with this mini-van. I mean I can see they wanted to turn left but once they knew I was waiting for them they could of stopped being figgity.

4. There was no reason this person had to come to a complete stop the way he did to change lanes.

5. This work van could have got over a little sooner and used his blinker.

6. Yet another work van. This guy was having issues keeping it on the road I guess.