Octomom says house is haunted by ghost child

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As if 14 kids was not enough, Nadya Suleman apparently has another little visitor living with her, although this one at least was uninvited.

Suleman told RadarOnline that her house is haunted by the ghost of a young child.

She was apparently being serious when she said that she was just about to sit on the toilet when she heard a child — other than the multiple suspects living in her home — say, “Mommy?”

She also related that one of the nannies who helps her reported seeing a small child disappear in an upstairs room that’s always “unusually cold.”

“This is something you’re not supposed to believe in if you are a believer in God, but it’s something that I’m a little worried about,” she told the website.

If praying doesn’t make the ghost go away, she said she plans to buy 20 Bibles and put them around the home.

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