One Night in October (2017)

The Purge meets Creepshow in Wild Eye Releasing’s One Night in October, coming to DVD and Digital October 15.


On a single night in October, three stories interweave as three different groups face unimaginable horror.

Movie Trailer:


Jessica Morgan – Michelle
Casey Norman – Kate
Rachel Netherton – Emma
Kaitlan Renee – Charlie
Nathan O. Miller – Dominic
Dustin Rieffer – Hewitt
Aeric Azana – Jason
Taylor Plecity – Freddie
Andrew Kincaid – Marcos
Sara Jackson – Britnee
Erin Colleen Marshall – Witch
Bo Phillips – David
Brianna Roberts – Maggie
Bret Linden – Scarecrow
Jeremy Herrera – Stalker

Director: Christopher M. Carter
Writer: Christopher M. Carter

Movie Stills:

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