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Panteon Woods (2015)

Panteon Woods Synopsis:

Riley Rey feeds her interest in cryptozoology with a steady stream of video uploads and the help of her older sister, Rebecca, who plans to be the next hit cinematographer. With a YouTube channel featuring the usual ghost hauntings and UFO videos, Riley decides it’s time to up the ante. In an effort to increase viewership, the two sisters hire the help of Greg, a seasoned tracker with a murky past. He guides the girls on an adventure to investigate Chanoc, a small town legend. Through adversity and conflict, they discover the secrets of the Panteon Woods, but never return.

Movie Trailer:


Joe DeBartolo – Professor Memelovsky
Heather Jane Farr – Riley Rey
Nixon Vicci – Rebecca Rey
Mike Welch – Wilfred Drummond
Chris Swensen – Susan Sandwater
Steve Christopher – Mark
David Sanchez – Johnny Ortega
Frank Sjodin – Axel Crow
Richard Wotkun – Gregoy Blackrot
Ali McGarel – Janet

Director: Michael Ramova Writer: Michael Ramova

Mini Movie Review:

I really have nothing positive to say about this move, I guess the only plus was the fact it was included in Amazon Prime and it technically didn’t cost me anything to watch it.

This flick had ZERO horror or suspense or anything. Not sure how you have a film about three people looking for a werewolf and have absolutely no scares or anything. The only thing remotely close to a cryptid is one of the sisters wearing a gorilla suit. Which ended up getting her shot by the guide the two sisters hired to help them in the woods. Even the death of the sister didn’t feel tragic or what not. I just don’t know how you have a found footage film where two sisters are searching for a werewolf while making videos for their youtube channel and they end up being killed by drug dealers? Even the poster for the film is misleading. I think the character on the poster was in the film for a whole .5 seconds.

So to spare you wasting over an hour of your life, do not watch this film. Two sisters searching for a werewolf hire a guide, one sister dresses up like a gorilla and the guide shoots her thinking she is a werewolf. As the guide and final sister try to make it out of the woods they come across a bunch of pot growers and end being killed. There now you don’t have to watch it…

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5


Panteon Woods Stills:

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