Paralyzed with Fear (2019)


When Chemock, a 15th-century demon, is unwittingly unleashed upon a household of women, Chemock begins to terrorize the women one by one. As Chemock’s power grows, the amount of carnage he inflicts also grows, and he eventually does battle not only with the women, but also with a belligerent preacher.


Kane Hodder – Chemock
Haidyn Harvey – Hannah
Andrea Rabold – Kathryn
Maya Grace – Cami
Lauren von Engeln – Jennifer
Will Beckingham – Rev. Jenkins
Danielle Prall – Eileen
Tim Fegan – Robert
Kasha Fauscett – Peasant Woman

Director: Glenn Berggoetz
Writer: Glenn Berggoetz

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Movie Rating: 2 of 5

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Author: psychosylum

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