Paranormal Calamity (2010)


A couple in serious need of marriage counseling get a little uninvited, “spirited” help spicing things up in the bedroom after they discover that their home is built upon the site of a brothel that burned to the ground more than 30 years ago.

Movie Trailer:


Larry Thomas – Dr. Dick Asskis
Charlene Tilton – Jacquiline
Michael Wexler – Michael
Jen Schmidt – Jennifer
James Vallo – Dr. Waldo Chaps
Rosa Isela Frausto – Sophie
Colleen Elizabeth Miller – Polly
Cyn Dulay – Utopia
Tony Brown – Eddie
Suzy Brack – Charlotte
James Pusztay – Jack Longfellow
Z.D. Smith – Zeke McIntyre

Director: John Wesley Norton
Writer: John Wesley Norton

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


This wasn’t the greatest movie in the world with the highest paid actors but for what it was I was still entertained. I’m sure this came out around the same time as Paranormal Activity did cause it’s some what of a spoof of it.

Like I said not the greatest but still glad I checked it out.

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