You have heard the tales. As a child, they were told around a crackling campfires or by family elders.
There are the stories which linger with you for the rest of your life.
They are the ghost stories.
Who has not told and re-told ghost stories?
Some of the greatest literature of our time and before has at its core the notion that there is an everlasting life somewhere in a great beyond. In another dimension, ghosts return to earth to accomplish what their mortal beings could not.

They haunt.

They go bump in the night.

They strike fear in all our hearts and souls.

They are ghosts.

You would not be viewing this web site if you did not have some basic interest in the notion that ghosts may well inhabit our space and time.
Beyond this, however, this web site will bring to light another, perhaps even more disconcerting, possibility-that the town you live in may be literally alive (so to speak) with ghosts.