The Comic Book That Kills


A boy writes a comic book with his best friend, and finds situations depicted in the comic book coming to life. Along with the appearance of a mysterious girl, the boy is forced to face the reality of what he has written, and begins a battle to attempt to rewrite death.

Cast & Crew

Mark Forester Evans – Frank
Daisy Ridley – Hannah
Liam Hughes – Simon
Joe Daly – Joe
Annabelle Le Gresley – Annie
Nathalie Pownall – Eve
Elizabeth Boag – Georgie
Chris Casey – Michael
Ellie Selwood – Rosie
Morag Sims – Claire
Catherine Ruddick – Charlie
Derek Jones – The Caretaker
PennyJo Koviou – Jenny
Alice May Ferngrove – Ellen
Charlotte Butler – Young Annie

Director: Peter Hearn
Writer: Peter Hearn

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Author: psychosylum

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