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Skew Synopsis:

When Simon, Rich, and Eva head out on an eagerly anticipated road trip, they bring along a video camera to record their journey. What starts out as a carefree adventure slowly becomes a descent into the ominous as unexplained events threaten to disrupt the balance between the three close friends. Each one of them must struggle with personal demons and paranoia as friendships are tested and gruesome realities are revealed…and recorded.

Skew Movie Trailer:


Rob Scattergood- Simon Lacey
Amber Lewis – Eva Hansen
Richard Olak – Richard Harrison
Taneal Cutting – Laura ‘L.T.’ Taylor

Movie Review:

It was nice to finally watch a Found Footage movie, and have it actually feel some what original. Just for that alone it deserves a 4 rating.

They never really explained why, but everyone that the main character records and has a messed up face ends up dying. They do make mention that Richard and Eva don’ have a distorted face because Rob loves them. So they never really say if its the camera doing it or not. But that is pretty much a basis for the entire movie. The three characters are on an adventure to a wedding and it’s pretty much them driving and staying at motels. With random people dying along the way.

So if you have Amazon Prime, I would highly suggest checking this one out.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5

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