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Trailer – Midnight Son

Synopsis: “Midnight Son is the story of Jacob, a young man confined to a life of isolation, due to a rare skin disorder that prevents…

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Trailer – In The Devil’s Courthouse

Synopsis: “Siblings, Leah and Steve, are forced to deal with their strained relationship as they and a group of friends and strangers struggle to survive…

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Trailer – Roadkill

[flv:/videos/Roadkill-Trailer.flv 610 343] Chris, a young lawyer, drives on a nightly road heading towards Hamburg. But his ride takes an unexpected turn as he witness…

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Trailer – Night Song

Synopsis: “A young woman is found in the sanctuary of a church, covered in seemingly self-inflected crucifix shaped gashes. Rushed to the hospital, she is…

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Trailer – Stripperland

[flv:/videos/Stripperland_teaser_mp4.flv 610 343] First they dance, then they kill! Teaser for the movie, “Stripperland”, a “Zombieland” spoof by Cheezy Flicks productions. Fleeing the wrath of…

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Trailer – Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre

[flv:/videos/NUDIST_CAMP_ZOMBIE_MASSACRE.flv 610 482] Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre

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