Movie Review

American Descent (2014) | War is Hell….The Trip Home is Worse

American Descent (2014) Synopsis: Upon returning from his second tour of duty, Sergeant First Class Stephen Harris edited and uploaded this film. It was his message to the world. Cast & Crew: Eva Link – Kate Madeline Link – Morgan Olivier Surprenant – John Caeden Lawrence – Rhys Mark Slacke

Bedeviled (2016) | Evil is about to go Viral

Bedeviled (2016) Bedeviled Synopsis: After a friend’s untimely death, five teenagers receive invites to download a new app called Mr. Bedevil that turns their nightmares into reality. Movie Trailer:     Cast: Saxon Sharbino – Alice GormanBonnie Morgan – GrandmotherBrandon Soo Hoo – DanAlexis G. Zall – NikkiAaron Hendry –

Prankz (2017) | Six prank videos, one terrifying movie | #31PostsOfHalloween

Prankz (2017) Prankz Synopsis: A soccer player and his girlfriend spent 2017 uploading prank videos to the internet. This film features the final six videos created by the couple. Movie Trailer: Cast: Andy Martin Betsy-Blue English Charlie Bentley Chris Smith Claire Novell-Amy Mini Movie Review: Most movies you find on

The St. Francisville Experiment (2000) | This ain’t no walk in the woods | #31PostsOfHalloween

The St. Francisville Experiment (2000) The St. Francisville Experiment Synopsis: Four people — a psychic, an amateur ghost hunter, a filmmaker and a history student — all trained in the paranormal and equipped with cameras, fly to Louisiana to investigate a notorious haunted house, plagued by the spirits of slaves