Trailer – Awakened

Synopsis: “On the outskirts of a small mountain community, retired farmer Hank Taylor decides to pull down an old dead tree that sits on the edge of his property. Hank soon discovers something strange buried in the ground beneath. Something large, metallic and not of this earth. With the first taste of sunlight in over 200 years, the object switches on – resurrecting it’s ominous hibernating occupants from a long slumber and turning the Taylor farm into an arena of heart pounding terror. So begins a frightening tale of people pitted against fierce and vicious alien creatures. Ordinary people trapped in a secluded farm house, cut off from the outside world and desperately fighting to stay alive. All the while, mysterious covert government agents callously monitor their dangerous situation. Its a gripping and compelling account of who will survive and who will fall prey to the blood thirsty non-human visitors.”

Author: psychosylum

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