Who you gonna call? Locals take up ghost hunting

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Ghost Hunters

Some people take up fishing as a hobby, some play Xbox 360, but for three former Meigs High School students, their hobby is ghost hunting.

Dustin Lyons of Syracuse, Brenden Black and Raven Johnson both of New Haven, W.Va., have taken their fascination with paranormal phenomena and turned it into a full-time hobby of documenting (or debunking) hauntings. Armed with a digital camera, flashlights and a willingness to walk in a cemetery at night, the three have had some strange encounters with “the unexplained” in Meigs County.

After having spent time in cemeteries across Meigs County, from Pageville to Rutland to Middleport to Pomeroy, the three have arrived at the conclusion that Pomeroy’s Beech Grove Cemetery has the most paranormal activity. Oddly enough, the three say one of the older parts of the cemetery (directly to the right) from the entrance is one of the “quietest” in terms of activity.

While documenting paranormal phenomena at Beech Grove Cemetery, the three have come up with photographs showing odd mists floating above graves, one of which seems to form a face, another forms what appears to be a dove. There are several other photographs capturing white orbs at the cemetery after dark. White orbs are believed by many ghost hunters to be spirits or lingering energy from deceased entities. Orbs can appear in many different colors with white being the most common. The three have also seen red orbs at Beech Grove Cemetery which are believed by some ghost hunters to be angry and/or demonic.

Black, Lyons and Johnson all had a recent experience at Beech Grove Cemetery where a cluster of orbs were rapidly moving through the trees at night and then clustered together. There have also been times when the three have had their camera freeze up and flashlight batteries go dead in the cemetery only to later work when they leave. The three explained that it’s believed spirits drain the energy from batteries to manifest. Ghost hunters also believe the best time to investigate haunted places is between midnight and 3 a.m.

Other unexplained phenomena the local investigators have experienced at Beech Grove Cemetery include a dark brown figure in a dress, unexplained footsteps, figures in red and white near the back area where debris is dumped and the sound of tribal drums. Many of these experiences convinced Johnson, who went into ghost hunting as a skeptic, that some things cannot be explained.

The three hope to eventually document and witness the manifestation of a ghost as well as do more investigating in Meigs County, including haunted buildings.

“We try to debunk the things we can’t explain,” Lyons said, such as looking for electrical lines or lights that might cause disturbances on the camera and the other possible explanations for unexplained phenomena.

However, as Black put it, sometimes the unexplained is just that, unexplainable.

The three have formed a myspace page that documents their travels in haunted Meigs County. Photos and comments about these investigations can be found by searching for unseenforces on myspace.com. The group also welcomes an opportunity to prove or debunk hauntings in homes and buildings by having those who know of or live in such places contact them via their webpage.

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