Zombies – IFC Sets Up Jersey Shore Girl with a Zombie

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Meet Angelina a.k.a “The Quitter” a.k.a. “Trashbags” as the Gawker folks call her. In the great sociological experiment known as Jersey Shore, she is the one who got kicked out of the house during the first season for her inability to work at a t-shirt store for one day a week. In the second season, she left the Miami house because she was bullied, no one liked her, or MTV thought another departure would be a good plot twist (honestly, I don’t really know). Due to the other cast members being busy celebrities, Angelina is apparently the only person IFC could get to do a promotional spot for their new five-part miniseries, Dead Set.

The premise of Dead Set is simple: imagine reality TV shows, but with zombies. Intrigued? Well, watch as Angelina dates a zombie and the resulting hilarity that ensues. Unlike most guidos, the zombie cannot tan, as he his dead and decaying. Angelina, having never encountered a brain before, is grossed out when she is served one for dinner. Finally, the zombie’s penis falls off as necrophiliac lovemaking is about to commence. Unable to perform coitus, the zombie’s only option is to kill Angelina and eat her brain. What a zombie thing to do, right? Just imagine what other shenanigans will occur next week.

Dead Set runs Oct. 25 through Oct. 29 at midnight on IFC.

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