The Return of the Living Dead (1985) | They’re Back From The Grave and Ready To Party!

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

The Return of the Living Dead


They’re Back From The Dead and Ready to Party! On his first day on the job at a medical supply warehouse, poor Freddy unwittingly releases toxic gas from a secret U.S. military canister, unleashing an unbelievable terror. The gas reanimates an army of corpses, who arise from their graves with a ravenous hunger…for human brains!

Cast & Crew:

Clu Gulager – Burt
James Karen – Frank
Don Calfa – Ernie
Thom Mathews – Freddy
Beverly Randolph – Tina
John Philbin – Chuck
Jewel Shepard – Casey
Miguel A. Núñez Jr. – Spider
Brian Peck – Scuz
Linnea Quigley – Trash
Mark Venturini – Suicide

Director: Dan O’Bannon Writer: Rudy Ricci (story), John A. Russo (story)

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5


Mini Review:

This is hands down one of my favorite zombie movies. I can still remember seeing it not too long after it came out. I recall my dad renting it on VHS for us to watch. Granted I was only probably around 9 years old but my parents never censored what I was able to watch. I guess since they never made a big deal out of nudity in a movie I never looked at it as a big deal. I loved watching this in the mid-80s and I still love watching it now.

The first horror convention I ever went to was ScareFest and one of the main guests there that year were Linnea Quigley, Don Calfa and Beverly Randolph. Being such a fan of this movie that was an amazing experience for me.

One thing that has always struck me odd was the fact James Karen and Thom Mathews were in the first and second ROTLD films but played different characters. Also noticed they did that for parts 4 and 5 or maybe 5 or 6. Can’t really remember. Either way with this movie 30+ years if you haven’t watched it yet, what in the heck are you waiting for? Get to it!

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Zombie Apocalypse (2011) | Mankind Survived… But Not Alive.

Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Zombie Apocalypse


Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fights their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.

Cast & Crew:

Ving Rhames – Henry
Taryn Manning – Ramona
Johnny Pacar – Julien
Gary Weeks – Mack
Lesley-Ann Brandt – Cassie
Eddie Steeples – Billy
Robert Blanche – Brockton
Gerald Webb – Kevin Anderson
Lilan Bowden – Myrah
Anya Monzikova – Sara

Director: Nick Lyon Writer: Craig Engler (screenplay), Brooks Peck (screenplay)

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


Mini Review:

This is pretty much your standard b-rated horror movie, what sets it apart from a lot of other ones is the fact it stars Ving Rhames. To me his the zombie king! Having starred in Dawn of the Dead (remake), Day of the Dead (remake) and this flick. His best would have been the Dawn of the Dead role though.

I had watched this several times when it aired on SyFy channel and it recently made it’s way to Amazon Prime so I figured I’d watch it again.

The other thing is they had a tiger on here before The Walking Dead, not the comics but the TV show. The only difference is this tiger is a zombie and the one that was on TWD killed zombies. So if you’re into zombie movies and especially b-rated ones you should check this one out.

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Zombie Apocalypse Stills: